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It’s Time to Name and Shame Your Laziest Employee!

16 April

Here at Dragon Corporate Training, we’ve delivered thousands of hours of training, to thousands of the finest employees in the best companies across Canada and Europe. Yet wherever we go and whichever company we work with, we bump into the same lazy employee. Typically, this employee has some of, if not all the following traits: […]

Five Minutes to WOW!

11 July
Power Bi

These are the words Microsoft Corporate Vice President James Phillips used when describing one of the most innovative and impressive Microsoft products released in years – Power BI. What is Microsoft Power BI? I hear you ask. Well, in a nutshell, it’s an extremely powerful, yet easy to use tool that simplifies data analysis and […]

Are There “Hands in the Till” in Your Company?

28 July
don't leave money in the till

Way back when I started my career in computers and software training, I worked with a lady who was passionate about efficiency and saving money within the workforce. She was a real character and had a saying for everything it seemed. One of her favourites was “your computer is like a cash register; if you’re […]

20 Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practices

22 July
spreadsheet analysis

I recently received a link to an article from a fellow Excel fan in the UK that detailed 20 principles for good spreadsheet practices. I read through the article and I have to say they’ve done an excellent job of listing them. I am constantly asked to repair or redesign spreadsheets that adhere to few […]

A Common Mail Merge Problem

25 June
Microsoft word training image

The Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word is a great tool, saving hours of work on things like letters, labels, name tags etc. etc., but it has one really annoying habit that I get asked to solve on a regular basis. When things like dates and numbers are stored in an Excel spreadsheet to be […]

PowerPoint Hyperlinks and Custom Shows

24 March

PowerPoint presentations have evolved into much more than simple slideshows with static images. Effective presentations are used to display engaging content including video and audio files. Often PowerPoint presentations are used to guide the reader through a complex topic and include active links to websites and additional material. This video explains how to put active […]

Creating Pivot Tables In Excel

03 February
Microsoft Excel training

If you asked ten regular Excel users what the most complicated part of Excel was, nine would probably say PivotTables! It was always a source of frustration that Microsoft hid this amazingly powerful tool behind user front-ends that were unintuitive to say the least. They made a straightforward tool appear complex when it really wasn’t. […]

Why Staff Training is Not A Luxury

16 January
Claude Bernard Quote

Why is staff training sometimes seen as a luxury, an option, an easy cut from the budget, when it should be viewed as a competitive and strategic necessity? Let’s start 2014 with a dare for you. Take a look at the following list and see how many apply to you or your organization: (be honest […]

A Look Under The Hood of Microsoft Office 2013

11 December
powerpoint 2013 screen shot

Here at Dragon Corporate Training, we are working with more and more clients who are either upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013, or planning to do so soon. We met with a major municipality here in BC last week who are making the jump from Office 2007 to Office 2013 and they have been pleasantly surprised […]