Microsoft Outlook Training

Microsoft Outlook – It’s grown – have you?

microsoft outlook logoMicrosoft Outlook has so much more potential than just email and some occasional calendar work.



It has grown to be a fully integrated Personal Information Manager that when used properly can significantly increase the efficiency of the individual using it, the department that utilizes it and the organization that depends on it.

How many organizations use emails when they should be using Tasks? Does your workforce fully understand the power of sharing calendars and the most efficient way to organize meetings? How many people fully understand the power and flexibility that using Categories gives them? Are companies confident that people understand Archiving and are not using their mailbox as another filing system?
Outlook has some great new features that enhance the powerful tools that have been there for years. The new Search Folder functionality makes retrieval of information effortless, the People Pane quickly gives you information about contacts you’re working with, the To-Do Bar integrates your Calendar and Tasks with your Mail screen and the upgraded Message List makes managing your Inbox so much easier.

Let Dragon Corporate Training help your organization fully utilize this powerful management tool