Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Deliver the best kind of PowerPoint presentation – the one people will remember!

“PowerPoint could be the most powerful tool on your computer. But it’s not. Countless innovations fail because their champions use PowerPoint the way Microsoft wants them to, instead of the right way.”

Seth Godin, Marketing expert

microsoft powerpoint logoWhether you’re putting together a presentation from scratch or modifying one that is already made, the possibilities are endless in Microsoft PowerPoint.
From themes to animations, pictures and videos, charts and sounds, there is plenty to choose from. With so many features, a presentation can quickly become overwhelming for your audience.

Let us show you how to use PowerPoint effectively, to get your audience’s attention – and keep it!

Microsoft PowerPoint is continually underused and underrated as a presentation aid. Most people are still stuck in the old “death by PowerPoint” frame of mind. The latest versions of PowerPoint are loaded with professional, business quality tools that lie undiscovered by most users.

In addition to the built in PowerPoint features, Dragon Corporate Training can teach you and your staff members how to elevate their own presentation skills to a new level with insights into the skills needed to present to an audience in an effective way.

PowerPoint can help you close the deal, make the sale, inform your audience and get your point across so people will remember.

Let Dragon Corporate Training show you the right way!