Microsoft Word Training

Why are you fighting with Microsoft Word?

ms word logoMicrosoft Word can help you create some amazing documents, if only the program wouldn’t act so strange sometimes!


Understanding how Word really works can help you save time, simplify tasks and help you make professional, consistent and polished documents. Whether you need letters, memos, meeting minutes or reports, we can show you how to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Creating a large document in Word with a Table of Contents, an Index, Bulleted or Numbered Lists, and captions on images probably conjures up visions of long hours spent battling with Word – but it doesn’t have to be that way!

By discovering how Word actually works (instead of how your colleagues told you it did) you can be in complete control of what Word does and how it does it.

Save your organization hundreds of hours of staff time, standardize and protect your corporate branding, develop a library of custom templates, allow your workforce to collaborate and communicate on document creation and get ready to discover the Microsoft Word your organization deserves.

Let Dragon Corporate Training show you how