Managing Data and Creating Reports in Excel



Course Date: 6th September, 2016

Location: Kelowna Heritage Loft, 201-339 Bernard Ave Kelowna (access is via stairs only)

Course Times: 9am – 4pm

Take Control of your Lists and Create Reports with Ease

We are always working in Excel and relying on it for our data storage and analysis, yet most people only use a fraction of the tools available to them! When you use Excels functionality to its fullest data becomes stable and easily manageable, calculating figures and reporting them is made easy and accurate and data analysis is taken to a whole new level.

In this 6 hour workshop we will cover how to get Excel working for you. Discover how to create custom Sorts and Subtotal your data into custom groups for clearer analysis and how to create easy, yet powerful PivotTable reports. Time is also built in to the sessions to allow for specific questions and for customization specific to individual users.

Topics will include:

  • Automatically Formatting Data
  • Sorting and Custom Sorting
  • Custom Filtering and Reporting
  • Harness the power of Tables
  • Creating User Forms
  • Creating Logical Calculations
  • Using Logical Functions
  • Reporting Options
  • Introduction to PivotTables
  • Hints, Tips and Shortcuts

This workshop session will be instructor-led, hands-on and specifically designed for maximum retention and understanding.

Each student will have use of a computer during the day and practice exercises will be provided for each topic.

All students will have access to full support via telephone and email after the session.