Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel – The misunderstood one of the bunch!

“Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to succeed. Dare to excel.”
Vince Dente

Okay, we’ve grossly misused the above quote – but that’s what it feels like for organizations sometimes.

No one dares to Excel properly!

microsoft excel logoMicrosoft Excel is the most versatile, powerful, spreadsheet and analysis tool ever produced. So why do most people only use about 10% of its capabilities? Because they’ve never been taught how – that’s why!
Microsoft Excel should be the workhorse of your organization. It should be analyzing data mined from your databases with its powerful Pivot Tables, making light work of tracking and presenting statistics with its Tables and Subtotals and producing easy to understand Charts to illustrate and demonstrate trends and information.

Yet for too many people it’s just a glorified calculator or something to be avoided at all costs. With structured, skillful training we can demystify Excel for your workforce and turn it into the amazing tool it should be within your organization.

Let Dragon Corporate Training take your knowledge of Excel to the next level!